Our company

ASPertise is a Technology Service company that focuses on solutions to bring the high technology competence of the Atypical population (Aspergers, Autistics, High IQ) to serve the need of its clients.

Our vision

Our teams are made up of atypical experts : autists Asperger and HQI*. Thanks to their cognitive capacities, they are very competentin technology (mathematics, sciences and computer science).

Atypicals are one of the best kept secrets in the technology sector. Famous Researchers and Scientifics that had and have a profound impact on all aspects of the development of humanity are rumored to be Atypicals. Nowadays this partiality for Science and Technology is evident in Computer Science. Peter Thiels, one of Paypal’s founders, mentioned that being an Asperger is an advantage in the Silicon Valley.

Unfortunately, the usual company organisation (pyramidal structure, type of people and team management, etc.) is not concussive to high performance from Atypicals. ASPertise has an intimate understanding of the Atypical population, the management and development of high value to the benefit of it clients.

The Advisory Board

The expert team was created to bring a tremendous experience and understanding of the industrial world and its needs as well as a unique insight into the atypical world. We are grateful and lucky to have been able to attract some of the best experts in their domain.
These experts bring an extraordinay valuable vision and an expertise to ASPertise.

Frédéric Vezon
Jean-Michel Billaut
Internet & Banking Technology Pioneer
Jerome Brun
Independant Consultant, IT Services Expert
Eric Festa
Managing Director of Total Exploration & Production Iran
Christian Gauthier
Executive Vice President Africa
Joan Gelpi
VP Data Science and Business Partner
Tanguy Loreau
Head of Derivatives, Forex and Treasury Operations
Laurent Olivier
Director Technicentre TGV
Josef Schovanec
Aspergers Media Personality
Paul-Francois Fournier
Executive Director
BPI France

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