Application & Software Development

Part of ASPertise’s core focus is the development of custom software for demanding clients. Our team has an extended and deep expertise in a large selection of computer languages and development methodologies as well as the experience to match it :

Développement d'applications

Our team’s hands on experience, knowledge depth and achievements are obvious through the following examples of their work ::

  • Development of functionality for the synchronisation of exchange account on smartphones
  • Development of critical systems for the robustness of software in the automobile industry
  • Development of critical software for surface to air missile platform
  • R & D for the development of software for real time automatic plate reading
  • Control software for laser based crystal engraving systems
  • Java component for the management of messages between software controlled radar system and the visual command human interface
  • Natural language system for email categorisation
  • High efficiency linguistic database development based on proprietary database technology
  • Development of highly efficient artificial intelligence system using Extreme Programing
  • Development of a custom ERP for the textile industry
  • Développement d'un ERP sur mesure pour l'industrie textile
  • Development of proprietary SQL database for accounting applications
  • Creation and development of architecture V.UP (multi server technology)
  • Development of interfaces for the migration of C# to JavaScript
  • Development of distributed multithreads and robust servers in java
  • Performance evaluation of graphic platform for real time processing of wireless communications
  • Creation of knowledge extraction infrastructure for multi-processors systems

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