The ASPertise Cybersecurity Team is composed of technology savvy professionals that are experienced in all aspects of Corporate Cybersecurity. The difficulty of the cybersecurity field is the constant evolution of the technology and the relative secrecy in the field. This requires our team to constantly update its expertise and stay close to the recent developments through its implication in the community.

Big Data

We provide services in Physical and Wireless Network and Security Assessments, Cyber Social Engineering, Domain Password Audits, Architecture Development, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing, Policy Assessments and firewall rule review.

Some of the examples of work done by our Cybersecurity team are :

  • Designed and implemented a proof of concept machine learning based network traffic monitoring tool to detect potential malicious activity
  • Conception of secure networks and system architecture
  • Penetration tests for network and building : social engineering and planned computer attack
  • Agent development and ethical hacking
  • Prototypage de modèles et d’algorithmes sur Matlab
  • Installation, maintenance and configuration of windows servers for minimization of intrusion risks
  • Development of tools for the impact reduction of zero days exploits

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