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Big Data

Development of large volume, high speed, unstructured data architecture. Research and development of data algorithms for unusual data correlation.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence cannot be described by a single technology but encompass numerous technologies and science.



Protect your mission critical data and infrastructures against current attacks and keep abreast of the continuous evolution of technology in the security sector.



Build, manage and maintain software and applications according to your needs and constraints. Maintain compatibility across platforms and develop future proof code.


ASPertise is uniquely managed by atypicals

Born from the work of a team of international specialists (specialized in Startups, Neuroscience and the Atypical population), ASPertise is one of very few companies in the world able to manage and foster the extraordinary high technology competence of cognitively different people

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Out of standard experts

Our team is composed mainly of experts from the Atypical population (or cognitively different) : Autistics, Aspergers, and High IQ. The important cognitive abilities of our consultants allows extraordinary performance in Technology.

The main strength of Atypicals at work are :

  • Above average or very high intelligence & exceptional memory
  • A real passion and a real talent for their work and their main personal interests
  • Most of them have graduated from universities
  • The bulk of them have a major professional experience
  • They are very creative and are solution focused
  • Perfect cognitive match for computer and engineer work

A seamless collaboration

For an innovative and different vision of technology, “Out of the Box” with expert consultants

Real capacity for innovation, to provide relevant solutions

High personal qualities : Rigorous, patient with technology, detail oriented, focused on performance

A new type of company, that leverages the assets of Atypical consultants, Aspergers and High IQ

Knowledge of more than 30 programming languages

Proven development of methodology and best practices

High level algorithmic and mathematical skills combined to an unusual gift for problem solving

A proven fluency for quality coding.

More than 50 experts in various fields: Architecture, Cyber, AI, Big Data etc...

Join us

ASPertise is keen on finding candidates that are gifted coders who are curious enough to develop their skills and eager to progress in their abilities. We are looking for technology minded developers as well as people with Asperger Syndrome that we believe are cognitively adapted to software development.

If you want to be part of the team please send us your resume at ou d’utiliser le formulaire ci-dessous.