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Our vision

Many people in the world, for specific reasons, are cognitively different from the rest of the population.

These individuals are classified as Atypicals and sub categorised into several classes (Aspergers, Autistics, High potential (High IQ) etc…)

The cognitive structure of this population gives its members out-of-ordinary abilities in specific domains and weaknesses in others compared to members of the main population. These abilities usually include a high competency for science, technology, and the digital world (Mathematics, Sciences, Computer Science).

Atypicals are one of the best kept secrets in the technology sector. Famous Researchers and Scientifics that had and have a profound impact on all aspects of the development of humanity are rumored to be Atypicals. Nowadays this partiality for Science and Technology is evident in Computer Science. Peter Thiels, one of Paypal’s founders, mentioned that being an Asperger is an advantage in the Silicon Valley.

Unfortunately, the usual company organisation (pyramidal structure, type of people and team management, etc.) is not concussive to high performance from Atypicals. ASPertise has an intimate understanding of the Atypical population, the management and development of high value to the benefit of it clients.

ASPertise is a Technology Service company that focuses on solutions to bring the high technology competence of the Atypical population (Aspergers, Autistics, High IQ) to serve the need of its clients.


ASPertise is a Technology Service company, born from the work of a team of international specialists, specialized in Startups, Neuroscience and the Atypical population.
ASPertise is one of very few companies in the world able to manage and foster the extraordinary high technology competence of cognitively different people, i.e. the atypical population (Aspergers, Autistics, High IQ) for the benefit of its clients. ASPertise is also uniquely managed by atypicals.

The expert team was created to bring a tremendous experience and understanding of the industrial world and its needs as well as a unique insight into the atypical world. We are grateful and lucky to have been able to attract some of the best experts in their domain.
These experts bring an extraordinay valuable vision and an expertise to ASPertise.

Frédéric Vezon
Frédéric Vezon, Président
M. Vezon is an engineer that completed his Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Supélec (France). He also holds an MBA from McGill University (Canada). During his career, he first worked as a Banker and Investment Manager for Credit Lyonnais, Société Générale and Caisse de Dépôt in Quebec. He then successfully managed and grew 3 service and software technology companies (2 found successful exits) ranging from initially 0 to 150 employees in Canada, Europe and the US (technology services, medical software, logistic software).

Jean michel Billaut
Jean-Michel Billaut, Internet & Banking Technology Pioneer
M. Billaut holds a PhD in economics from the University of Lille. Until 2002, he was the president and founder of the Atelier BNP Paribas, an entity focused on new technologies and their use in the financial industry. He is considered as one the internet pioneers in France.He is also known for his Billaut Shows, interviews with personalities of the French internet, that are published on his personal blog. In 2000, he was made a Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur.

Jerome Brun
Jerome Brun, Independant Consultant, IT Services Expert
M. Brun graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and was a Mathematics Professor at the University of Nice for 12 years. He then switched to a business career to take management positions in GSI and then in Atos from the launch of the company which has now grown up to be part of the top ten IT services firms worldwide. At Atos, M. Brun led the Business Consulting practice of the firm and was later in charge of defining and deploying the Atos Cloud offerings worldwide. He is now an independent consultant working on digital transformation initiatives.

Eric Festa
Eric Festa, Managing Director of Total Exploration & Production Iran for Total
M. Festa holds an Msc in Engineering from Supelec in France and studied energy economics at the Ecole du Pétrole et des Moteurs and the M.I.T. He joined Total as an economist and has held several managerial positions in operations and strategy. He is now the Managing Director of Total Exploration & Production Iran.

Christian Gauthier
Christian Gauthier, Executive Vice President Africa at Servair
M. Gauthier holds Engineering Degrees from Ecole Polytechnique and École Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (France). He started his career at the Ministère de la Défense as Head of Navigation System Department. He then became a strategy consultant for KPMG and McKinsey. He joined the Air France group in 2004 to become VP Airport Customer Service & Airport Development. M. Gauthier is now Executive Vice President Africa at Servair.

Joan Gelpi
Joan Gelpi, VP Data Science and Business Partner at AIG
M. Gelpi holds a Msc in Engineering and a PhD in Operations research from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He also holds a MBA from the University of Chicago. M. Gelpi started his career as a management consultant with ATKearney and Arthur Andersenand he later joined American Express Global Services, as Vice President, Analytics & Data Product Development. He is now VP Data Science and Business Partner atAIG.

Tanguy Loreau
Tanguy Loreau, Head of Derivatives, Forex and Treasury Operations for Natixis
M. Loreau holds an Msc in Engineering from Supelec in France. He joined Société Générale as an IT project manager and has since held several managerial positions in the back office and the front office. He is now Head of derivatives, forex and treasury operations for Natixis, one of the largest French bank.

Laurent Olivier
Laurent Olivier, Director Technicentre TGV SNCF
M. Olivier holds an Msc in Engineering from Supelec in France and an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. He was the director for the High Velocity Trains (TGV) fleet at SNCF.He is now director of a major SNCF. technical center, managing 900 people responsible for the maintenance of high velocity and regional trains.

Josef Schovanec
Josef Schovanec, Aspergers Media Personality
Josef Schovanec is a French writer and philosopher, a graduate of the prestigious Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po) in Paris. As a child, he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. After several years of continuous efforts, Josef was able to turn his lifelong handicap into an advantage and today is an inspiration to many. He speaks ten languages, including Czech, exotic Persian and Sanskrit, enjoys traveling and lecturing about autism. In 2014, he wrote a book called One Screw Loose in which he writes about what the autistic world looks like. The book is about a life of hardship, but presents also many humorous situations.
Paul-François Fournier
Paul-François Fournier, Executive Director
Paul-François Fournier graduated from École polytechnique and Telecom Paris Tech. He started his career at the France Telecom Orange Group in 1994 as a business engineer. After seven years dedicated to the development of business services, he became, in 2001, Director of Business Broadband Wanadoo until 2011. Following this experience he was appointed Executive Director of the Orange Technocentre to be in charge of the product innovation. Since April 2013, he has been director of innovation and member of the executive committee of the public investment bank BpiFrance.

Our consultants

Out of standard experts

Our team is composed mainly of experts from the Atypical population (or cognitively different) : Autistics, Aspergers, and High IQ. The important cognitive abilities of our consultants allows extraordinary performance in Technology.

The main strength of Atypicals at work are :

  • Above average or very high intelligence    & exceptional memory
  • A real passion and a real talent for their work and their main personal interests
  • Most of them have graduated from universities
  • The bulk of them have a major professional experience
  • They are very creative and are solution focused
  • Perfect cognitive match for computer and engineer work
Aspertise experts

Our expertise


Build, manage and maintain software and applications according to your needs and constraints. Maintain compatibility across platforms and develop future proof code.

Examples: Development of features and functionalities for the synchronization of accounts between smartphones, Development of strategic software in the aerospace and defense sector. Creation of a custom ERP for the textile industry. Building of a SQL database for specific accounting purpose. Interface development for C# to JavaScript migration, etc.

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Protect your mission critical data and infrastructures against current attacks and keep abreast of the continuous evolution of technology in the security sector.

Examples : Architecture and implementation of a prototype based on artificial intelligence to monitor ip traffic and for the automatic detection of unwanted intrusion. Development of bots and ethical hacking.

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Development of large volume, high speed, unstructured data architecture. Research and development of data algorithms for unusual data correlation.

Examples: High speed data algorithms for financial institutions, Data mining software based on deep learning. Prototyping and data models on Mathlab and Phyton. Developement of data analysis app server for regression / classification / taxonomy, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence cannot be described by a single technology but encompass numerous technologies and science.

Examples: AI for the banking industry, cybersecurity, processes optimization, marketing and client relationship improvement…

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Application Development

Part of ASPertise’s core focus is the development of custom software for demanding clients. Our team has an extended and deep expertise in a large selection of computer languages and development methodologies as well as the experience to match it :

Our team

Education graph

Expertise graph
(Percentage of team members with solid experience in the stated technologies and development methodologies)

Furthermore, our team has experience in other technologies like :

OS Windows, Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu, Fedora), Novell3.11, NT 4.0, OS2, iOS, Solaris, Android, Unix
Development languages VB, VB6, Wlangage, Assembler, Turbo Pascal, Clipper, ADA95, VHDL, Matlab, XML, Unreal Script, Pascal, .NET, Ajax, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, angular JS, RoR, Python, Perl, COBOL, swing, J2ee Jonas, objective-C
Databases, Servers PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Apache (Subversion, Jenkins, Maven), ASP.net, Toad, Access, Active directory, LDAP, Crystal report, Dbase, IIS, phpMyAdmin, Oracle Virtual Box, PHP5, WebSphere.
Developement environments NetBeans, Code Blocks, Windev, Casm, Cold fusion, Kdevelop, J2EE, EJB2.
Others SPIP, Drupal, Agile (Jira), XCSoar, Balsa, Verilog (HDL), Spice, FreeRTOS, Rapidminder, JSON, Emulater Midlet et Blackberry, Junit, VMware, Jira, Wireshark, QT, ITIL.

Not only does our team have deep technological expertise, they have also applied this expertise.


Our team’s hands on experience, knowledge depth and achievements are obvious through the following examples of their work :
• Development of functionality for the synchronisation of exchange account on smartphones
• Development of critical systems for the robustness of software in the automobile industry
• Development of critical software for surface to air missile platform
• R & D for the development of software for real time automatic plate reading
• Control software for laser based crystal engraving systems
• Java component for the management of messages between software controlled radar system and the visual command human interface
• Natural language system for email categorisation
• High efficiency linguistic database development based on proprietary database technology
• Development of highly efficient artificial intelligence system using Extreme Programing
• Development of a custom ERP for the textile industry
• Development of proprietary SQL database for accounting applications
• Creation and development of architecture V.UP (multi server technology)
• Development of interfaces for the migration of C# to JavaScript
• Development of distributed multithreads and robust servers in java
• Performance evaluation of graphic platform for real time processing of wireless communications
• Creation of knowledge extraction infrastructure for multi-processors systems

Cyber Security

The ASPertise Cybersecurity Team is composed of technology savvy professionals that are experienced in all aspects of Corporate Cybersecurity. The difficulty of the cybersecurity field is the constant evolution of the technology and the relative secrecy in the field. This requires our team to constantly update its expertise and stay close to the recent developments through its implication in the community.

We provide services in Physical and Wireless Network and Security Assessments, Cyber Social Engineering, Domain Password Audits, Architecture Development, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing, Policy Assessments and firewall rule review.

Some of the examples of work done by our Cybersecurity team are :

• Designed and implemented a proof of concept machine learning based network traffic monitoring tool to detect potential malicious activity
• Conception of secure networks and system architecture
• Penetration tests for network and building: social engineering and planned computer attack
• Agent development and ethical hacking
• Installation, maintenance and configuration of windows servers for minimization of intrusion risks
• Development of tools for the impact reduction of zero days exploits

Big Data

Today’s companies are dealing with unstructured and unrelated data emerging from different channels thanks to the proliferation of data sources and, as a result are not able to fully exploit its potential. The challenge for the understanding of this large amount of data is of course the development of relevant financial and statistical models and also IT infrastructures fast enough and scalable enough to acquire, manage and treat the information.

ASPertise’s Big Data team is knowledgeable in the latest tools and technologies useful to develop systems and models to extract significance from our clients’ data. Some of our team members have, in addition to their computer expertise, a specific knowledge and education in statistics and mathematical tools very useful to develop relevant data models. Our team is also experienced and knowledgeable in the development of software solutions based on real time, scalable solution architectures. They have acquired and developed knowledge in NoSQL database (like MongoDB) and in tools such as Hbase, Hive, and Hadoop.

Some of the examples of development work done by our team are :

• High throughput data treatment for financial institutions
• High availability systems development for financial market data
• Maintenance of a high throughput / high visibility system in java
• Development of machine learning based system for data mining
• Prototyping of models and algorithms in Matlab
• Server based data analysis for clustering classification and regression
• Creation and architecture of high performance servers
• Development of real time systems for the filtering of GPS data

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence taps into expertise as diverse as speech recognition, imaging and natural language processing. These technologies and expertise benefit from discoveries in algorithmic, processing power and analytical methods like machine learning and deep learning.

The recent developments in Artificial intelligence allow the firms to hope for augmenting their capacities of optimisation, of speed and to develop long-term competitive advantages. Unfortunately the strong complexity linked to these new technologies asks for the assistance of specialised experts difficult to find.

Our consultants have expertise on the following subjects:

• Autonomous cars
• Robotics
• Picture treatment
• Speech Recognition
• Adaptive complex systems
• etc.

Why ASPertise ?

Seamless exceptional collaboration

For an innovative and different vision of technology, “Out of the Box” with expert consultants

Real capacity for innovation, to provide relevant solutions

High personal qualities : Rigorous, patient with technology, detail oriented, focused on performance

A new type of company, that leverages the assets of Atypical consultants, Aspergers and High IQ

Our assets

  • • Knowledge of more than 30 programming languages
  • • Proven development of methodology and best practices
  • • High level algorithmic and mathematical skills combined to an unusual gift for problem solving
  • • A proven fluency for quality coding
  • • More than 50 experts in various fields: Architecture, Cyber, AI, Big Data etc...

ASPertise Capacity

150 available experts to create your IT team

An international experience :

Washington, Toronto,
Montréal, Paris, Boston

The exclusivity :

« Thanks to its integration into the community, ASPertise has some important recruitment abilities
despite the rarity of atypical consultants.

Our methodology

Seamless collaboration

From the specificity of our atypical consultants, ASPertise has created innovative proprietary processes and methodologies for recruiting, managing and integrating our consultants with our clients’ teams. These tested processes and methodologies allow an optimal delivery of our consultants’ work and avoid the predictable failure stemming for the Atypical working in a regular environment.
We can adapt not only to the technology needs but also to the functional needs of our clients. Through the integration of seasoned managers, ASPertise offers efficient and relevant collaborative models to achieve our clients’ goals. Our services do not need any specific adaptation from our clients to work with our consultants and provide the exceptional experience of our experts without the usual complex logistics associated with Atypical work.


ASPertise is keen on finding candidates that are gifted coders who are curious enough to develop their skills and eager to progress in their abilities. We are looking for technology minded developers as well as people with Asperger Syndrome that we believe are cognitively adapted to software development.

If you want to be part of the team please send us your resume at cv@aspertise.net

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